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The Ultra Network is one of the newest networks on YouTube; and our mission is to help you find success on YouTube!

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The Ultra Network

We are an extremist organisation for making rad content and doing cool things. Our network's mission is clear: Adventure, God, and Life. Adventure is what we do, God is who we do it form, and Life...Life is what you find. We strive to get out and have fun, doing cool things is what we're about!

Why We Started Ultra

Ultra was founded on August 1st 2014 by Lucas Knox and William Haddock.
"We started Ultra because we know we have something unique to add to the MCN ecosystem! Not only do we have amazing support, not only do the executives communicate with directors and partners, not only do we take the time to really find the needs of our partners, we also have passion for making content ourselves."
~William Haddock // President of the Ultra Network

Why partner with us?

Not only do we have great benefits for our partners like our no lock-in contract, or our amazing partner support; we also offer huge music databases, channel reviews and consultations, tips and tricks to improving your SEO and your watch time, and just a wide verity of tools to help your channel grow!

How do I get partnered with Ultra?

It's easy, just go to to sign up today! You'll have your channel partnered with us within 24 hours and there's absolutely no risk to you. If you're ever un-happy you can leave, anytime for any or no reason! Just give us 30days notice!


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Lets get started! Contact us below if you have any questions about anything related to our network!

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